Walking and Cycling Updates in Dublin

Mon, Apr 24, 2023

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I chaired the latest meeting of the walking and cycling sub-committee on April 24th. We discussed the plans to bring forward ambitious plans for Dublin's Walking and Cycling network, which will see 300 new kilometres of high quality cycling infrastructure rolled out across Dublin over the coming years.

Walking and Cycling Updates in Dublin

I have included the entire report below with details all the projects that Dublin City Council is currently working on. Here I am focusing on the updates of the projects relevant to the North Inner City.

Schemes in Construction

 The Clontarf to City Centre Project will deliver 8km of walking facilities, 6km of cycling facilities, and 5.4km of bus lanes, from Alfie Byrne Road/Clontarf Road Junction to Amiens Street/Talbot Street Junction and a section of the Tolka Valley Greenway from Annesley Bridge to Alfie Byrne Road/East Wall Road Junction. Construction commenced in Q1 2022 and remains on schedule for completion in Q1 2024. 

A major diversion at Fairview that was put in place in early August, diverting private cars through Ballybough and Portland Row remains in place. During this quarter, the contractor increased his crews to 20 and the number of operatives to 80. 

The latest C2CC Consultative Forum which includes local Councillors and representatives from local residents and businesses was held on 3rd March 2023 in Carleton Hall in Marino. Details on the schedule of upcoming works and landscaping for the project were presented at this meeting. It is also planned to deliver 53,000 leaflets in early April. The leaflet is available on www.c2cc.ie and will be available in the Charleville and Marino Libraries. 

During Q1, the site has undergone significant transformation and achieved major milestones, 

Some of the main work activities carried out during the quarter include road reconstruction, watermain replacements, road drainage installations, upgrade of traffic signals and junctions, tree pit construction, resetting antique kerbing and new granite kerbing installations, construction works at a number of inbound bus stops, public lighting and cycle track construction works.  

Substantially completed works include the pedestrian walkway in Fairview Park from Howth Road through to the Tolka River which is now is open for public use.  

In order to undertake a number of road crossings and road reconstruction related works, regular weekend and night time works will continue to be carried out throughout this year.  Regular notifications of these works are being sent out via DCC’s social media accounts, and to the C2CC Consultative Forum which includes local Councillors, and representatives from residents and businesses.  

Further information on the project is accessible on the Dublin City Council webpages. The address is www.c2cc.ie 

 Royal Canal Phase 3 will provide 2.1 km of cycling facilities and 2.1 km of walking facilities along the Royal Canal, from Newcomen Bridge (North Strand Road) to Cross Guns Bridge (Phibsborough Road). The Contractor was appointed in December 2022. Construction kicked off with The Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy and Minister for Public Expenditure, National Development Plan Delivery & Reform, Paschal Donohoe TD, helping to turn the sod on February 15th. The scheme is scheduled for completion in Q2 2025. 

AcTPrO held a briefing meeting with members of the Central Area Committee on the 18th January 2023. A necessary Temporary Works Licence has been received from Waterways Ireland who own most of the lands, while licences for working alongside Irish Rail’s railway and bridges are nearing completion.  

During this quarter, the Contractor acquired a site compound area at 10/11 North Richmond Industrial Estate, D1 and is currently setting up site compound offices and welfare facilities for the Contractor and Project Team.  The Project Team are in the process of acquiring a licence from DCC for the Contractor to temporarily use Portland Place Park to facilitate a portion of the works, and to provide access to the works area.  The intention is to refurbish the park when the Contractor hands it back to DCC’s Parks Dept.  The first project information leaflet was distributed in January to local businesses and residents. Approximately were delivered 5,800 leaflets were delivered. The same number of leaflets were also distributed in March, for Leaflet 2. A dedicated webpage for the project was also launched and regular updates on the project will be available at www.dublincity.ie/RCGP3 

Public information evenings are scheduled to take place at Mud Island venue on 4th April from 4pm – 7pm and at Phibsborough Library on 12th April from 4:45pm – 7pm.  

Commencing in mid-April, the Contractor is scheduled to install sheet piles to strengthen the canal bank on the south side of the canal between Clarke’s Bridge (Ballybough / Summerhill) and Russell St Bridge.  The construction of the pedestrian bridge abutments and installation of duct services across the canal, east of Lock 3, between Cross Guns Bridge (Phibsborough) and Binn’s Bridge (Drumcondra) is also planned for Q2 of 2023. 

The design of the ramp on Binns Bridge is underway in consultation with Waterways Ireland.  

An amending Part VIII planning application is to be submitted in Q2 2023. Consultation has also commenced with the DCC Parks Department with regards to the landscape design for Portland Place Park. 

Schemes in Design

The scheme will provide segregated cycling facilities from Alfie Byrne Road to North Wall Quay. The scheme is being designed and managed by the Traffic Department and will move to AcTPrO at construction stage. 

The scheme is being delivered by the traffic department. The construction tenders were published during this quarter. The evaluation of received tenders is ongoing. It is anticipated that a contractor will be appointed during Q2 with construction commencing on site in Q3 2023. 

The design development of the permanent scheme is currently paused, pending an update to the City Centre Transport Study. 

The Chesterfield Avenue Project involves the upgrade of walking and cycle facilities in the Phoenix Park between Castleknock and Conyngham Road/Parkgate Street in a manner that is in keeping with the vision for the park into the future.  

During this quarter tender documents for the engagement of a multi-disciplinary design teams were prepared. They are now undergoing third party review. It is planned to publish the tender in April. 

The North Circular Road Project aims to provide high-quality segregated cycling facilities along a 5.5km route from Infirmary Road at the junction with Conyngham Road and Parkgate Street to Seville Place at the junction with Guild Street. The project will be delivered in zones, and options are currently being developed for Zone 1-Seville Place (Guild Street to Amien Street). Public Consultation on the options is envisaged to progress in April. 

Interim Schemes

This scheme design  went to Public Consultation in December 2022 and Information leaflets were distributed in the local area. Dublin City Council’s Public Consultation Hub closed for submissions on the 20th January 2023. 245 responses were received. The Active Travel team are currently preparing the Public Consultation Report. 

This scheme design went to Public Consultation in December 2022 and Information leaflets have been distributed in the local area. A Public Information Session on the scheme was held in January in the Holy Family Parish Centre on Prussia Street. Dublin City Council’s Public Consultation Hub closed for submissions on the 1st February 2023. 109 responses were received. The Active Travel team are currently preparing the Public Consultation Report. 

Contractors Cairn Construction have been appointed to undertake interim measures along Eden Quay (0.25km section) from O’ Connell Bridge to Butt Bridge/Beresford Place junction. Installation works are planned to commence in April/ May 2023. 

Preliminary designs have been prepared for interim measures along George’s, Burgh, Aston & Crampton Quay (0.8km) from Talbot Memorial Bridge to the Ha’penny Bridge. Internal consultations are ongoing.  

Preliminary designs are progressing and internal consultation ongoing. It is planned to present this scheme to the Elected members in the Central & South East Areas in Q3 2023. Following that and pending NTA approval the scheme will proceed to non statutory public Consultation.