Safe Streets to Walk and Cycle

Our streets should not be a battleground. I will work with others to ensure Dublin can be a city that is safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to walk and cycle around. Improving our footpaths and cycle lanes helps us tackle the related crises of climate change, public health and inequality.

Decent and Affordable Housing

Our city is facing a crisis of housing and homelessness. I want everyone for whom Dublin is home to be able to live securely and sustainably in the city. I will advocate for public investment in housing to meet this crisis and address the diversity of housing needs.

Clean Air and Water

We all have a right to air and water which does not jeopardise our health. This is particularly important for children and those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. I will work to reduce traffic congestion and increase green spaces in the city and fight for clean, safe water in Dublin Bay.

Human Rights and Equality

Our city belongs to all of us. Cities are creative and innovating spaces where people come together from diverse backgrounds to live together and to share their cultures and identities. I will work with others to stand up against intolerance and discrimination and place human rights, equality and respect at the heart of our city, our education and our culture.

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