Zebra Crossings are coming to Dublin City Council

Mon, Mar 6, 2023

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I chaired a working group of Councillors and Council staff to consider whether we should proceed with a programme of zebra crossings and am delighted to have full support from the Council now. I believe this is a progressive and important step to giving pedestrians greater priority across the city.

Zebra Crossings are coming to Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council currently just has 3 zebra crossings across the city and have a policy against using them in favour of fully signalised crossings. However, the reality of this is that they are slow to install crossings, they are often expensive and they are not appropriate for quieter residential streets.
I have made it a priority to change this policy across the city, got agreement to form a working group and chaired the working group through various concerns and deliberations. I am very pleased that the result of that is that we will start rolling them out, review progress and hopefully integrate zebra crossings into the normal workings of the traffic department.

The following criteria were agreed for selecting locations for Zebra Crossings:

Under this new programme 5 new crossings will be installed and reviewed after 6 months, after which, on the grounds that they are working well and being well adhered to, more will be rolled out across the city.

The locations chosen for full investigation and consideration are below. After full investigation 5 will be selected for the initial batch.

You can read full details of the working group decisions and plans in the report below.