Works on the Royal Canal Greenway Phase 3 begin

Thu, Feb 9, 2023

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The Royal Canal Greenway from North Strand to Phibsborough will begin work soon. This is currently a well-used, but a little neglected, walking and cycling route. The upgrade will provide new greening, wider and segregated paths and a new bridge over the canal. I am excited to see this project finally underway and think it will be a huge asset for the area. However, I have a few concerns about the process and final design.

Works on the Royal Canal Greenway Phase 3 begin


Construction will take place between February 2023 and early 2025. During this time some parts of the route will be inaccessible. The final project will make the canal side a key route on the greater Dublin Area Cycle network, removing the inaccessible kissing gates and segregating the walking and cycling paths.

A big effort is being made to save as many trees as possible along the route and to relocate trees instead of felling them. Where trees can be neither saved nor relocated some will be felled. This is due to take place between Tuesday 21st Feb and Friday 24th Feb.


Leaflets are currently being delivered to all households surrounding the effected area of the project. Information about the scheme and ongoing notices of disruption can be found here:

Outstanding Concerns

If you have other questions at any stage during the construction of this project, please do get in touch.