Second Hand Shopping in the North Inner City

Wed, Oct 25, 2023

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There are many excellent reasons to enjoy second-hand clothes shopping! It’s much cheaper than buying new clothes and you can find amazing bargains and really high quality pieces.

Second Hand Shopping in the North Inner City

 It is also a great way to tackle clothes waste - by buying pieces that have already had a life before and may have one again once you are finished with them. We currently we dispose of 110,000 tonnes of waste every year in Ireland. You can also give your money to worthwhile charities instead of companies who often have questionable (at best!) environmental and labour practices. 

While second-hand clothes shopping won’t solve the systemic unsustainability of the fashion industry, it can be a fun and creative way to disengage personally from it. Consider it a moment of mindfulness - opting out of supporting an exploitative industry and gathering your strength to take on the system (in some decent, comfy clothes!).

My top tips (from someone with zero fashion credentials so please ignore at will!):

The North Inner City has some great charity/second hand shops. Check out the map here to find your nearest one: (I included some bonus ones in Phibsboro too!)

The full list (that I know of!) is below. My favs tend to be the Vincent’s shops - both on Sean McDermott Street and Dorset Street. I find them enjoyable to browse, they have decent changing rooms and they tend to sort things by size and I have picked up some nice bits there. All round 10/10 shopping experiences!

Am I missing any? Let me know! Got any better tips for shoppers? Hit me up!