Sean McDermott Street Swimming Pool update

Wed, Apr 20, 2022

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I recently requested an update on the works being carried out in Sean McDermott Street swimming pool and an update on the timelines for the delivery of the programme of works.

Sean McDermott Street Swimming Pool update

Sean McDermott Street swimming pool was built in the 1970’s. The building is a concrete construction with flat roofs. The pool hall is constructed from a concrete frame with a steel trussed roof (a replacement roof, following a fire in the 1980’s). Works were carried out to improve disabled access and replace some swimming pool plant in 2014; some basic roof repairs were also completed at that time. Changing rooms, showers, toilets etc. were extensively refurbished in more recent years.

Dublin City Council have always recognised the importance of Seam McDermott Street Swimming Pool as an essential community resource and to this end the decision was taken to undertake a comprehensive programme of upgrade works to the roof and pool area in order to provide a fit for purpose facility and prolong the life of the pool as a community resource for the next 15 years. This decision was precipitated by ongoing issues with roof leaks and an issue with regular broken tiles due to structural issues with the concrete beneath. These ongoing issues presented health and safety challenges that led to the decision to close the pool.

Details of the design team appointed

DCC have appointment MPA (Martin Peters Associates) as the design team in order to carry out significant investigations, surveys, opening up works etc. leading to the development of a works tender package and ultimately the capital works themselves.

Scope of works have been agreed

An engineering led integrated design team has now been appointed (following a competitive tender) and these opening up works/surveys etc. are well under way. The initial investigations include, topographical surveys, asbestos surveys, opening up works to the pool area and the roof structure (including the acoustic roof), examination of the existing services, power, heating, ventilation etc.

The initial scope of works are:

Since appointment of the design team we have discussed options to improve the facility further and provide not only better services but to also improve the performance of the building both in terms of energy efficiency and customer comfort. These measures include upgrade of the energy efficiency system, ventilation, electrical fittings etc. It is our intention to bring forward design options in this area and implement these within the same programme of works. These additional works will give the facility another 15 years of quality service. 

Following completion of the opening up works, surveys etc., the design team are working on the production of tender documents, including drawings, specifications etc. for the appointment of a civil contractor to undertake the work. The construction tender process will take approx. 4 months following which a contractor will be appointed in the autumn and works will take approx. 6 months to complete.

Estimate for the contract

 A sum of €1.5m has been set aside within the CRES Capital programme to allow both the original scope and additional works to be completed

When will the Pool reopen?

We anticipate the below programme will be delivered subject to favourable results from the investigative works which are well underway.

As previously advised Dublin City Council are happy to facilitate groups and swimmers (while Sean Mc Dermott pool is closed) in the Markievicz Sport & Fitness complex situated a kilometre away close to Tara Street Dart Station.

The closure of the pool is unfortunately necessary to allow these essential works to be developed and completed and will ultimately provide the community with a high quality amenity into the future.