Improved plans for partial pedestrianisation of Capel Street

Fri, May 21, 2021

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"I'm really glad that the Council have agreed to trial pedestrianisation of Capel Street for six weekends over the summer. This is a huge opportunity to reimagine the street and to better envisage its full potential as an eclectic, vibrant northside hub, free from congestion and danger of traffic."

Improved plans for partial pedestrianisation of Capel Street

“The lesson from the past year is that both businesses and people benefit from more people-friendly streets - wider footpaths with places to sit, safer cycle lanes and traffic calmed roads. I really hope that this will prove a huge success for all users and businesses on the street. 

Some of the details still need to be confirmed. I’m seeking full, clear communication on the moving of disabled parking bays and a safe alternative cycle route for those coming Southbound from Bolton Street. I hope this is the first step towards much more people-friendly streets in the north inner city.” 

Report from Dublin City Council:

Following a very engaged consultation with over 4,500 submissions, Dublin City Council will be moving forward with plans to increase pedestrian space on Capel St.

This initiative is part of a wider programme being led by the Office of City Recovery.

Some key results of the consultation were as follows:

The initial proposal included:

Changes to the proposal following the consultation are as follows: