Dublin City Development Plan: Last Call for Public Consultation

Thu, Feb 3, 2022

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Public Consultation is open for the Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 until February 14th at 4:30 p.m. The Development Plan sets out policies and objectives to guide how and where development will take place in the city over the lifetime of the Plan. This is an important opportunity to set out a path for climate action for Dublin to ensure that we reduce our emissions and put us on the path to a thriving, sustainable city by 2028.

Dublin City Development Plan: Last Call for Public Consultation

The plan’s policies and objectives are to guide growth and development, provide a strategy to achieve proper planning, and show how we will achieve sustainable development, that is development that meets our needs now and won’t comprise future generations meeting their needs.

Climate Action is mainstreamed throughout the document and the Green Party group were able to strengthen several of these commitments during the preliminary consultation phase. These commitments include:

Commitments relating to transport include:

Making a Submission

You can view the details of the consultation process here:


It can be a little tricky to set up a profile and use the consultation portal so I’d suggest not leaving it to the very last minute! If you need any help or advice, you can contact me and I will do my best to guide you through it.
Make sure you get it in for the deadline at 4:30 p.m. Feb 14th

Bringing the Climate Action message home

It is important that we do not miss this opportunity as a city to set an ambitious path for climate action. When making your submission, the city planners need to hear from your expertise, local knowledge, interesting ideas and passion for the city, its communities and its role in climate action. So please do take the opportunity to contribute and to ensure your voice is heard!