Capel Street pedestrianisation plans - what do you think?

Wed, Feb 16, 2022

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The Council have brought forward their preliminary plans for traffic management on Capel Street. I'm looking for your ideas, thoughts and feedback so please get in touch and let me know what you think.

Capel Street pedestrianisation plans - what do you think?

A few key issues to consider about these draft plans:

The plans would close off vehicular access to Capel Street from Parnell Street on a 24/7 basis but retain access from other streets to provide for loading/unloading during delivery hours. This is a similar system to what is in place for other “pedestrianised” streets in the city e.g. Grafton and Henry.

Motor vehicles will still be permitted on the Southern end of Capel Street, exiting from Strand Street. At a later point, once the development at the corner of Strand Street Little and Capel is complete, an alternative exit route for these vehicles might be considered e.g. Swifts Row but this isn’t considered possible at the moment given the need of construction vehicles to access the site.

These plans only relate to traffic management. A key part of the success of the street will be the broader “place-making” project - improving paving surfaces, bringing in seating, greenery and other elements to improve the ambience. Further plans will be brought forward relating to these and I hope that both will be delivered in tandem to allow people to experience the full benefits of the project.

The intention at the moment is to continue to allow cycling on the street. Capel Street is an important north-south connecting street and by maintaining cycling access we can promote permeability of the city for sustainable transport modes. However, it may be tricky to manage in a way that can ensure full safety particularly for vulnerable pedestrians.

Capel Street is a fairly unique street in Dublin - it is a residential street with over-the-shop living and plenty of apartments very nearby on adjoining streets. It is also has vibrant mix of retail and hospitality businesses so the balancing different interests is important to get right.

Next steps: In March, Councillors will discuss and agree to a preferred option for the traffic management which will then go out to public consultation in April. The changes agreed after public consultation will then be implemented in May/June.

I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts, feedback and ideas on the proposals to inform our discussions pre-public consultation.

Below you can see the preliminary traffic management plans in full.