Aldborough House

Tue, Dec 12, 2023

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There's a willingness from both Dublin City Council and central government to do something with the neglected Aldborough House provided it supports the North Inner City. What would you like to see done with this building?


Neasa Hourigan:

Hi. My name is Neasa Hourigan I’m here in front of Aldborough House in Dublin 1. it’s one of the most important Georgian 18th century buildings and one of the largest residence in the city after Leinster House. It’s really not doing well at the moment. It’s been a school, it’s been an army barracks, but it was brought into private ownership in 1999 by the Irish Music Rights Organisation and then sold in 2005 Pat O’Donnell and Company, which had planned to make it offices. I don’t think it should be offices, I think it should be. something that speaks to the city, but it’s really derelict right now. It’s rotting in front of us and falling apart and we need to do something.

Cllr Janet Horner:

So my colleague on the council, Councillor Deborah Byrne, and I put a motion forward asking for the building, Aldborough House, here, to be brought back into public ownership and to be put to use for the community. We got a positive response from the council on that and central government have also indicated that they would be willing to put funding behind it for a project that would be of benefit to the north inner city. So we’re in a really good place that there’s a lot of hope for what the future of this building could hold. and I’d be really open and really interested in hearing what your ideas are for this building.